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Our portfolio of high-quality surgical devices was founded on the specialized needs owing to the rising prevalence of chronic medical conditions like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We compete in the global surgical devices market which comprises various technologies used for the treatment of the different chronic medical conditions. There have been significant innovations in surgical devices such as surgical robotics, medical aesthetics and powered surgical tools. It’s all about precision.

Our market-driven focus has shifted to minimally invasive surgery which has rapidly become popular in recent years. To perform meticulous surgical procedures in the limited space, specially designed surgical devices and instruments are very useful. For example, for excellent exposure of the surgical target, thoracoscopic systems with high imaging quality such as 4K or 3D HD endoscopy are often used. An articulated soft tissue retractor is also useful since those instruments do not interfere with other surgical instruments during surgical procedures. For fine manipulation in the limited space, long-shafted forceps, needle holders, and scissors are also necessary. There are also various types of atrial retractor designed for minimally invasive surgery. Those instruments reach deeply located targets and do not interfere with the surgeon’s and endoscopic view, or other instruments.

We strive to make surgeons more comfortable and improve the precision and quality of minimally invasive surgery by supplying market-leading brands of surgical devices. From advanced surgical devices to vast experience across all areas of surgical procedures, we offer unmatched precision and economic value throughout our product range.

Our trusted technologies deliver performance and inspire confidence through a comprehensive approach that takes every performance indicator of today’s surgeon into careful consideration.

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